When I started attending hackathons in college, bumping into fellow designers were few and far between. I formed a community called HH Design through the form of a Facebook group to give student designers a place to discuss design topics and learn from each other as they grow.

“HH” stood for “Hackathon Hackers,” a now defunct megacommunity with several sub-groups based on interests, like HH Design or HH What Are You Working On or HH Android.

Despite the lack of designers in the scene, many students were drawn to the topic and our little Facebook group became quite active and popular. I brought on some friends over the years to help me admin the group and moderate the content.

When we hit 15,000 members in 2017, I passed the responsibilities of maintaining the

Branding & Designs

After about two years, HH Design was becoming prominent enough that it came time to give it a logo. Ben Zweig and I made this icon.

It has three circles representing the ever-present expand, minimize, and close buttons on Mac applications, where many designers spend their time.

These colors have another meaning. Instead of a stop light, this is our HH Design “start light.” It represents the progression that young designers go through, from few skills to accelerating into new, innovative design experiences.

(Secretly, you can also form two “H”s in the negative space between the dots and the left side of the “D,” but we never really touted that.)

Just for fun, when we broke several x-thousand member counts, we’d sometimes celebrate with custom graphics.

I’m still an active participant in the riveting discussions in HH Design. Dive in with me!

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